Tango Boot Camp 2017

Tango Development Boot Camp


Total places = 20 Leaders and 20 Followers

Total places left = 1 Leader and 5 Followers
(as of 24/10/2017)




Come and join us on:

10th to 12th of November 2017

for a weekend of
Tango Immersion!


We will be delving into growing your Tango over a two day 9 hour intensive course.

What is Boot Camp? “A short, intensive, and rigorous course of training.”

So it is a whole load of new tango sequences?

“No it isn’t.

While there are some new movements and ideas introduced, it is primarily a chance to revisit your tango foundation skills and open up ideas about movement and musical expression.”

So how does this work?

“The Boot Camp sessions are specifically designed to take you from the all important fundamentals, through to a deeper understanding, greater control (balance, structure and movement) and creative expression.

We will do this by combining structured drills, insights and implementation exercises to take your dancing to the next level.”


 Any references about what it was like last year?

“Yes, see below.”

Boot Camp 2015: Dear Cath and Duncan. What a wonderful experience!

Firstly, the location is wonderful.

The weather was beautiful and warm and I swam in the sea every morning and evening on golden sand beaches.

The food was wonderful and the welcome and goodbye dinners full of fun.

Secondly the course was amazing.

It has been a long time since I have had a chance to deconstruct and rethink my tango, and to really think about quality and dimensions of movement.

The biggest take away for me was how simple adjustments in vertical movement can add a totally new dimension to the simplest steps and enhance connection and feeling within an embrace. 

It was like a light bulb going on.

Thirdly it was the people.

There was such a great atmosphere in the group throughout the weekend.

Full of laughter and smiles. I went home on cloud 9 and have new tango buddies from all over Australia now.

Highly recommended – Tom


The second Sunshine Coast Boot Camp is fast approaching, don’t wait any longer, get booked and prepare yourself for two amazing days of wall-to-wall  tango!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural boot camp last year, and what can I say?

Cath and Duncan are the ultimate hosts, the food was superb, such great dance floor fuel and the venues were perfect, lots of lovely floorspace.

Your boot camp leaders, the very much loved Renee and Doni, are tango teachers and dancers, in a class of their own.

Leaders and followers, prepare to be inspired, prepare to find your true inner tangero/tangera.

And finally,  the people you will meet are seriously lovely.  

For me the hardest thing of all about the Sunshine Coast boot camp, was saying goodbye.  

I’m so looking forward to doing to all again this year ! 🙂  julie




Don’t miss out, register as soon as possible by contacting Cath at:

cathscully @ controlfreeks.com.au


(spaces will be limited)


Looking forward to sharing our passion and Joy of Tango with you, Doni and Renee.

Theme: ” Circularity”
This years Boot Camp will be an exploration of circularity of the body, it’s movement through space, and it’s connection to the music.
To explore this topic, we will be strengthening our understanding of key elements:
The pivot (under and over pivot), used as a standard for many ideas in Tango such as ochos, Giros, boleos, and sacadas.
Catch and redirection, a tool that allows us to create different dynamic movement, as well as control of the space on the dance floor.
Musical flow, the ability to create an effect that can vary between different rhythms while remaining fluid and connected with the Music and our partner.
The goal of this intensive circularity work:
  1. 1 – to deepen our current understanding
  2. 2 – use words we already know to create new phrases and quotes 
  3. 3 – to break limitations and feel more creative

Let’s broaden and strengthen the connection and experience that we have in the moment, with our partner, on the dance floor.


Tango BC Details:


1) Friday – 10th November

Welcome dinner – 6.30 start
(Free for Boot Camp Students)
at Caloundra – Includes dinner, dessert and Sangria

As you can see we have some fun!

Saturday – 11th November


2) Tango Boot Camp Expedience Builder Part
(Previous Tango experience required)

11:00 am – 1:15pm BC Session

 2-6 George St, Maroochydore

Maroochydore Community Centre

Lunch from 1.15 pm to 1.45pm (lunch will be provided)


3) Tango Boot Camp Expedience Builder Part
(Previous Tango experience required)

1:45-4:00pm BC Session

Maroochydore Community Centre

2-6 George St, Maroochydore


4) Milonga


Cost: $15

Refreshments provided.

DJ: Doni

 Maroochydore Community Centre

2-6 George St, Maroochydore

Proceeds going to Para Los Niños


Sunday – 12th November (on Sunday we do it all again)


5) Tango Boot Camp Expedience Builder Part 3 
(Previous Tango experience required)

11:00 am – 1:15pm BC Session

Millwell Rd Community Centre
Millwell Rd Maroochydore


Lunch from 1.15 pm to 1.45pm (lunch will be provided)

6) Tango Boot Camp Expedience Builder Part 4 
(Previous Tango experience required)

1:45-4:00pm BC Session

Millwell Rd Community Centre
Millwell Rd Maroochydore



7) Closing Tango Party at Caloundra

6:30pm onwards (until Duncan gets tired LOL)

Pot luck dinner and drinks

Tango music and dancing

The only cost is that you bring something to eat or drink 🙂



Full Weekend Pass (includes everything) $250
Friday night Mad Hatter Welcome Dinner, Sangria and Dancing
Saturday Milonga $15 (Proceeds going to Para Los Niños) (Already included in your $250)

Banking Details:

Bank BSB: 484 799

Account Number: 086268056

Name of Account: Tangoscf
Please transfer $250 per person into the account above and use
the ref: Bootcamp + Your Name

Then email Cath at cathscully @ controlfreeks.com.au
telling her that you have done the above… thanking you.

Each session is comprised of: 15min of warm up (or warm down at the end of the day), 45min lesson, 30min guided practice, 45min lesson




Registration Numbers will be limited,

to insure your spot, register as soon as possible.

You can register as a leader or follower by contacting Cath at:

cathscully @ controlfreeks.com.au

You can also use these contact details if you are looking for a place to stay for the weekend.

Tango Development Boot Camp details will be posted on www.tangosc.com