Judy’s Workshop 9th Dec 2017



Special Milonga Workshop



9th December 2017


Special Teacher to teach us Milonga
coming to the Sunshine Coast
on the 9th Dec 2017
Topic: Milonga Liso VS Milonga Con Traspié
In Milonga Liso, or Simple Milonga, the dancer steps on every beat of the music.
Traspié literally means “trip” … Milonga traspié is considered the next level of dancing beyond simple milonga.
It plays with the space between the beats to syncopate the tango steps – find the essence of the milonga.
In milonga con traspié the dancer may use either traspié or contrapasos (changes of weight) to achieve double time.
Time: 4-5.30pm
Venue: Maroochydore Community Centre, 2-6 George St, Maroochydore
Cost: $15

Judy Gaunt came to tango through the encouragement of her latin dance partners.

She resisted for quite a while and then travelled to Buenos Aires in 2002.

She fell in love with tango and the City of Buenos Aires.

She returned to Buenos Aires the following year and again two years later.

She took leave from work and spent a year in BsAs dance classes and Milongas on that occasion.

She took classes with as many teachers as she could. She learned some Milonga con Traspie and then went to the class of two gentlemen who between them had 100 years of dance experience.

The first time she went to their dance class Pedro asked her if she did “traspie” and she replied yes.

He replied humph, we will see….

He took her in his embrace and they danced Milonga con traspie and he smiled and told her “I love you”; he only had three words of English.

Since then she has loved this form of milonga.

The next two visits to Buenos Aires were three months each so that she could concentrate on learning to lead.

The last visit to BsAs she assisted in a class of one of her favourite tango teachers.

She has been running the Wednesday night practica at Wellers Hill for many years now.

She introduced the class “Small things that make great dancing” at the beginning of the practica in 2010.

The second Wednesday of each month the class is dedicated to “milonga con traspie”.

She has been involved in assisting with “Para Los Niῆos” since 2004.

Profits form the practica are used to help the children of Argentina.

Tango has been an absolute passion since 2002.

We will walk next door to the RSL for dinner – it would be good to have some idea of numbers so I can book a table so please let me know if you will be joining us.
Time: 7-11pm
Venue: Maroochydore Community Centre, 2-6 George St, Maroochydore
Cost: $10 Proceeds going to Para Los Niños