Tango in Brisbane.

To find out what is happening around Brisbane your best bet is to go to:
Tango Nut

TangoNut is a site dedicated to the promotion of tango by disseminating information on tango events and news in Queensland and the Northern Rivers area of NSW, with a focus on Brisbane (QLD) and Byron Bay (NSW)

Learning Tango in Brisbane.

For learning Argentine Tango in Brisbane we belive that the best teachers are Greg & Rosemary Ensbey from (E-Tango):

Go to their site and see when they are teaching and what day suits you.

Tango on the Gold Coast.

For Argentine Tango on the Gold Coast go to Tango SEQ:


This site will give you information about what is happening around the Gold Coast areas.

Plus John and Cheryl run a great worthwhile charity called Para Los Ninos:


Tango around Australia.

Argentine Tango in Australia go to:

This site will give you links to Argentine Tango lessons, practicas, milongas and festivals within Australia and overseas.

Tango in Sydney Austraia.

Sophia is the current Australian Tango Salon Champion. She has been teaching Tango and hosting Tango events since 2001. Prior to setting up So Tango, Sophia was a director and principal instructor of the Sydney based Tango school – Patio de Tango.

Sophia is passionate about promoting Argentine Tango in Sydney, and has performed and taught at many dance and arts festivals and events across Australia and New Zealand.

Go to her website to find out more:

Tango in Western Austraia.

The Perth Tango Club is a great social Argentine Tango dance club in Western Australia.

Their objective is to encourage, promote and develop the art and culture of Argentine Tango
dancing within the community of Western Australia.

The Club is located at the Leederville Lesser Hall 82 Cambridge Street, Leederville.
Go to thier website to find out more:

Tango in Cairns.

Gianni & Elena came across Tango by chance only to discover a passion that is now for life. They have been learning with the assistance of various teachers of National and International level including Argentine Tango Masters from Buenos Aires, and they keep corroborate their skills attending often workshops and private classes.

Tango in Canberra.

Whether you are new to tango and want to learn how to dance, a visitor looking for somewhere to dance tango while in Canberra, or a local tanguero we hope you find the information you need on our website.

Tango in South Australia.

Southern Cross Tango’s Adrienne & Andrew Gill are recognized internationally for the artistry, elegance & romance of their tango, connection in the dance, innovative teaching & performance.

Tango Shoes.

Austere – Austrlian reseller of Comme il Faut shoes. Austere is a Brisbane (Australia) based online store importing and selling the luxurious Comme il Faut brand of tango shoes from Argentina.

TengoTango – Wearing correct footware is essential to fastracking your tango. Dance shoes allow comfort and support. Carefully chosen footware will enhance your dancing.


Tango Videos.

The Tango Videos site brings you the best in Tango Videos and Argentine Tango Videos all in one place.

How To Dance Tango.

The how to dance Tango site gives you a complete number of Tango Videos to learn how to dance Tango better.